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We’re a team of curious people that share a passion for creating digital experiences that generate greater results.

Our mission is to help our clients evaluate potential media tactics to improve advertising on newer digital, social media, and mobile channels.

CEO & Founder

Sabrina Horrisberger

Sabrina Horrisberger founded Influence Digital Solutions, Corp. in 2018. Prior to starting her own company, Sabrina worked as a Digital Marketing Manager at one of the top 5 travel agencies in NYC. Her experience there led to a realization that she has the potential to help small businesses and start ups expand their brand and get the results they’re looking for.

Sabrina graduated cum laude in 2011 with a BA in Tourism and Hospitality and a MS Tourism Management in 2013. Since then, Sabrina has lived in multiple countries, travelled around the world and worked in many different fields, such as an international travel agent, college professor, researcher and hotel associate. This has given her new perspectives and knowledge about what it means to be a world citizen, which allows her to connect every company to their target market. Currently she resides in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, NY.